20th June: Marilyn and the BFI

marilynpowderOn the 20th of June the BFI will be celebrating Marilyn as part of their Monroe season…

This month the BFI Southbank are having a Monroe season where they are displaying a number of her celebrated films such as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Some Like it Hot alongside some of the lesser known from when she was building her career such as Niagara. Although the programme runs throughout the entire month things reach a head on the 20th when two of her best performances are screened one after another, as well as there being a free and fun makeover session in order to celebrate the legend.

Earlier in the day you can attend a free makeup and hair session at Nina’s Hair Parlour in order to have a bit of fun trying yourself out with Marilyn’s style whilst gaining a firsthand look at the lengths Norma Jeane  would go to in order to construct Marilyn Monroe.

Once you’ve done that there are screenings of the simply wonderful and hard-hitting The Misfits  running throughout the afternoon and a screening of Bus Stop that evening. These are two of Marilyn’s best and most intelligent performances and make for a great introduction to somebody who only sees Marilyn as a walking caricature and not as the serious and talent actress that she was. If you threw Don’t Bother to Knock in there you would have a pretty perfect trio of films to display her talents.

If you want to go along to either the styling session or the screenings then either click here or on the image below for further details.


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