Anthony Ingruber Talks The Age of Adaline…

AOA_04647bToday Anthony Ingruber takes a few minutes out of his busy schedule to chat about his role in Age of Adaline!  Having started out as an impressionist on YouTube he caught the eye of those in Hollywood and soon found himself playing the young version of Harrison Ford’s character in one of this year’s biggest movies. Read on for our interview…

Now I understand that you have a pretty international upbringing due to your Dad being a diplomat, did all of the different cultures, languages and accents you encountered help develop your vocal skills?

Almost certainly the lifestyle has attributed greatly to that.  My natural accent has changed at least 4 times throughout my life due to the constant shifts in countries….it is now mostly American but at times it does revert back to Australian.

Was it through this travelling you discovered you could do impressions?

Because I was always moving, changing homes, schools and losing friends, one of the constants I did have was film.  Regardless of where I was in the world I could always watch a movie that I loved and have some sort of grounding.  It was when I was around 13 that I started imitating actors from these movies such as Harrison Ford and Jack Nicholson. Soon teachers started remarking on how I had a resemblance to Harrison Ford.  This of course delighted me as I was always a huge fan of his.  It was around then that I started to mimic him and quote lines to entertain others and that then snowballed into the impressions.  It was actually my mother who suggested I put a video on YouTube as she saw various young artists were being discovered that way.  I’m very glad I took her advice as it was that video that got me Age of Adaline!

Were there any of Ford’s past roles that you particularly studied for Age of Adaline?

Well the role itself was an original one; I wasn’t portraying the young Han Solo or Indiana Jones but rather an original character that was also portrayed by Harrison.  This meant I couldn’t just deliver all my lines like Han Solo would for example.

311733_289478504413062_114599431900971_1113675_431985631_nAnd was it tricky to find the fine balance between simply imitating him and actually acting a younger version of his character within the film?

This was something that I discussed with the director, Lee Toland Kreiger, to try to find the “sweet spot” between the impression and an original performance.  We wanted to make sure that my role wasn’t just an SNL sketch and instead something that was reminiscent of Ford but at the same time not seen as a parody.

What can you tell us about yours and Harrison’s character within the film?

I would hate to give too much away and spoil anything for the audience so I will just give the very barebones. My role is that of the young William, a medical student who meets Adaline by chance and falls in love with her.  She has this bizarre condition that halts aging so she is forced to go into hiding to prevent him finding out.  This naturally leaves him devastated…more than that I won’t say!

How was your experience on set? I believe this was the first time you’ve had a lead part in a film of this size?

The entire experience was bewildering and quite overwhelming; going from YouTube videos and small independent films made with friends to overnight portraying your childhood hero.  However I was also very fortunate that the cast and crew were some of the kindest and patient people I have met and really went out of their way to make me feel relaxed and comfortable on set.

And what was it like meeting Ford himself? Was he aware of you and the online fans who are calling out for you to play young iterations of his famous characters?

I am indebted to the crew of Age of Adaline for organising a meeting between a huge star and a complete newcomer.  Meeting the man who has been an inspiration to you since childhood and discovering he is such a kind and gentle person was something difficult to put into words.  It was truly a fantastic moment and something I shall hold dear for a very long time.

Prior to that moment I believe he had seen some set photographs taken of me that are used in the film and I’m told he made some funny jokes about the likeness.

This must be an amazing experience for you, congratulations! I can’t wait to see both the film and what lies in store for you in the future. Thanks again for sitting down with me today!

Thanks very much!

And that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed this interview with Anthony Ingruber! Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!


  1. Great interview! I remember his YouTube Harrison Ford impressions – I know I shared one on the blog & said how great he’d be as a young Han Solo. Was so happy to see he got his chance to play a young Harrison Ford after all so I’m really looking forward to seeing him in The Age Of Adaline. 🙂

    1. Trust me, don’t bother. It’s just Fifty Shades of Gray all over again, with a plot involving a woman being pursued by a creepy stalker we are apparently supposed to find charming

      1. Hmm…. Surely it can’t be as bad as Fifty Shades, can it?! :-/

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