Toby – Review (The Shortest Nights)

The Shortest Nights: What Makes a Man Programme

Masculinity is open to exploration in this programme that delves into the many facets of identifying as male.

This review is the final one I’ll be doing from The Shortest Nights programme. To briefly introduce the event tomorrow Short Sighted Cinema are launching an all day celebration of short films in London. It will contain seven new programmes of shorts for people to enjoy (click here for details). In the run up to the 21st I’ve been taking a look at a selection of films from these programmes in order to give you a flavour of the event. Today I conclude by looking at Toby from the What Makes a Man programme…

As much as this film is concerned with present day masculinity it’s also, and perhaps inevitably, wrapped up in what makes us human and what gives us purpose in the 21st century. Toby is a quiet little film with a protagonist who at first seems to be a lonely, stimulated guy in a dead-end job at the local Co-op. In it’s short running time we gain an insight into his strongly felt ideas, wants and desires. The are unexpected and perhaps a little unrealistic, as most dreams are, but we get the sense that Toby is a victim of circumstance rather than his own failings.

This is a film which at once feels political, socially minded and disarmingly simple. Whilst it does seem to be addressing Britain today, the limitations of modern life and the power of dreams, it’s also simply a small character study of the working everyman.

Make sure you head on down tomorrow to The Shortest Nights!

Shortest Nights


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