The Top Ten Films to See This July

Here’s my take on the ten most interesting looking films which reach UK cinemas this month…

Last month panned out pretty well for films. Yes the public and critics alike were split on Jurrasic World but there were strong entries such as Slow West and Blood Cells to make up for it. We also had Spy which exceeded expectations and Iam McKellen, despite the film’s shortcomings, delivered a strong performance in Mr Holmes. This month we have a real range of films to pick from including a musical documentary, an inventive and original rom-com, a boxing film, Pixar’s latest entry and much more. Here’s my top ten list of films to check out this month…


Many of you will have already heard of the Amy Winehouse documentary that’s simply named Amy. Filmmaker Asif Kapadia (Senna) set out to construct an honest and emotional depiction of the singer through interviews and home footage, analysing what was going on in her life as she made the descent which ultimately led to her early death in 2011. Winehouse’s father has recently called for the film to be re-edited due to it portraying the family in a negative light, but thankfully the filmmakers have rejected his request. Promising to be a very interesting and emotional experience Amy opens on the 3rd of July.


Here’s an interesting little film which I saw very recently¹. Starring Emmy Rossum and Justin Long this genre bending rom-com is a fairly simple story of boy meets girl except that the course of their relationship is fragmented in time as they talk about parallel universes and alternative outcomes to events. It’s an ambitious film, and although it isn’t perfect, it’s a joy to see something that strives for originality and in which Emmy Rossum delivers such an excellent performance. Comet opens tomorrow on the 3rd.


Now here is something a little different. Eden uses the backdrop of the 1990’s club culture to tell a largely autobiographical coming of age story about the sacrifices which have to be made in the pursuit of your dreams. Eden currently holds an 88% rating on rotten tomatoes and is released in the UK on  the 24th of July.

Inside Out

You normally are pretty safe with a new Pixar movie and by all accounts their latest is up there with the best of them. Inside Out tells the story of the emotions who live inside a young girl’s mind as she moves from the Midwest to San Francisco, and as they try to figure out how she should cope with her new life, school and neighbourhood. It’s an interesting idea and when combined with Pixar’s legendary skill this will hopefully be a film that affects adults and kids alike. You can catch it from the 24th.
Love and Mercy

Paul Dano and John Cusack both play The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson in this new bio-pic. Dano plays Wilson in the 60’s when he is writing his masterpiece whilst beginning to battle against his emerging psychosis, whilst Cusack takes on the legendary man twenty years later when he is somewhat beaten down, confused and under close scrutiny by his therapist. I’ve heard plenty of great things about this one, enough to suggest that this could be one of the year’s very best films . We can all find out come the 10th.

Salt of the Earth

Wim Wenders brings us this salute to another artist which he strongly admires, the photographer Sebastião Salgado. Salgado has spent much of his life documenting humanity and the planet on which we live; witnessing and reporting upon some of the biggest and most moving events in recent history. Wenders here creates a documentary which is an ode to the majesty, emotional power and insight of Salgado’s work. You can see Salt of the Earth from the 17th onwards.


Her’s a boxing film which tells a classic story of a boxer who sinks into despair when tragedy strikes, and then who must build himself back up again for the big fight. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal in a committed lead role this film has been garnering huge amounts of praise fro pretty much everybody who has seen it. And if the story sounds clichéd to you then don’t worry because reports say that it raises itself above what’s common and has a personality and drive all of its own. Southpaw hits us on the 24th.

Still the Water

This Japanese romance film takes place in a setting where ‘traditions about nature remain eternal’². The story is loosely defined but roughly tells the story of a sixteen year old boy who one night finds a corpse floating in the sea during a traditional dance ceremony. He and his girlfriend then spend the film trying to understand his find, becoming adults in the face of life, death and love. Still the Water opens here tomorrow (3rd).

The Wonders

The Wonders did extremely well in Cannes. And by extremely well I mean it received twelve minutes of applause. It tells the story of a family of bee-keepers who live in isolation within Italy. It focuses on how two interruptions into the life of the eldest daughter affect her as she tries to find her way through adolescence. On top of the Cannes reception it currently holds 100% on rotten tomatoes and features Alba Rohrwacher and Monica Bellucci amongst its cast. You can see the film from the 17th.

You’re Ugly Too

Last but not least we have You’re Ugly Too starring Game of Throne’s Aidan Gillen. The film tells the story of a young girl (Lauren Kinsella) who moves to live with her struggling uncle (Aidan Gillen) after her mother passes away. A charcter driven film such as this relies so very heavily on its performers but reports suggest that both Kinsella and Gillen shine in thier respective roles here. You’re Ugly Too opens on the 24th.

So, what did you think? Are you also looking forward to any of these films or do you have your eyes set on other releases? Be sure to let me know in the comment box below!


  1. Terminator, Ant Man, Mission Impossible, and Pixels will be the 4 films that I check out in theaters for July. From those 10, I plan to watch Inside Out, but probably not in the theaters. It’s definitely been getting solid reviews!

    1. See now I did want to see Terminator but after the awful press which it has been generating I was put of in favour of some of the other films out this month!

      1. The reviews have definitely been really bad. Hopefully the film still turns out to be fun, I really enjoyed the trailers, but they can definitely be misleading.

        1. Yeah I’m hoping for some silly fun but I’m put off seeing it in theatres now.

          1. Well, I just finished seeing it and thought that it was really good. I’d give it a 7/10 as my one big issue is the excessive language in it. Besides that, it had a lot of nonstop action and proved to be quite fun. That being said, I typically enjoy films that got a lot of bad reviews for being too comic book like with their CGI and action scenes. If you liked The Amazing Spider Man 2 then I definitely recommend it, if not, then I’d say that you made the right move in seeing it.

          2. I actually did enjoy that movie, although I’m a big fan of Emma Stone so that helped.
            Maybe I should try and catch it then, if nothing else I’ll then have an opinion on it.

          3. *skipping it*

  2. Nice List, I have seen Inside Out Brilliant, Comet was interesting idea but wasn’t over impressed with it,

    1. Ah great, can’t wait to see Inside Out!
      Yeah I don’t think it was perfect, plus I have just seen a play recently called Constellations which handles similar ideas far more elegantly, however I still think Comet does a good enough job. I really liked Emmy Rossum in it!

  3. Really looking forward to seeing Amy. I saw Comet a few months ago, and I really thought it was fantastic! Artistic and insightful…too bad it’s flying very low under the radar.

    1. Yeah it’s very under the radar unfortunately as it was an interesting and exciting play on the rom-com genre. Hopefully they can drum up some more publicity for it over the coming months.

  4. Really interested in seeing The Wonders just based on reading how well its been received. This is the first I’ve heard of it. Southpaw is also really up there for me. Can’t wait for that.

    1. Yeah I was oblivious to it too until I was compiling this list… it sounds really intriguing doesn’t it!
      Southpaw has been on my to watch list for months, as has Love & Mercy.

  5. CineClub8 · · Reply

    Really want to see Amy. This is a good list. Here’s our review of the Wonders.

    1. Thank you, yeah Amy is one which I have really high hopes for!
      Thanks for passing on the link, will take a look now.

  6. I’m still annoyed I missed the screening of Amy at EIFF. Really wanted to see how they tackled her money grabbing dad!

    1. Hmm I’m going to guess the film isn’t too kind considering he wants it changed!

  7. Cool post. Definitely looking forward to most of these, particularly Inside Out and Southpaw.

    1. Thanks my friend, yeah Southpaw looks so promising doesn’t it!

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