Please Punish Me – Review (Spoiler Free)

Scottie, a businessman, is tired of his good luck. So, he seeks to be punished for his “curse”.


This comedy short has quite a fun premise, the concept of somebody who is so ridiculously successful that they seek some form of punishment for their all encompassing good luck is a nice twist on the normal plots of a downtrodden figure trying to succeed. However, apart from a few well placed laughs, this is a short which lacks a strong narrative and unpleasantly is slightly detractive of the BDSM culture.

The short’s set up is promising as it sets about making fun of corporate structures and the greed and blindness which can often be found in such hierarchies. At this point the film feels like it has a purpose, however once we get into the ‘punishment’ aspect of the story we loose a sense of narrative and story. It just becomes a series of events with a few jokes thrown in. Short’s need to have a compelling and complete narrative where the protagonist undergoes a journey which we can follow. Here he just chats about how lucky he is and then goes off back into the world still as lucky, still be as nice a guy as he always was. He doesn’t learn anything meaningful and neither do we. You have to wonder what the purpose was here.

Now I’m being slightly facetious, the point here is just to tell a few jokes and a nice story, and its true a lot of the jokes do work. Although as I said before those at the expense of the BDSM community fall rather flat. The story is woolly and undefined and the acting from several key players comes across a little wooden, although I think the script doesn’t help here. Ultimately this is an average short, it doesn’t tell a complete story as it should but it isn’t offensively unfocused either. See it if you want a few laughs but don’t expect loads more than that.

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