Competition: Win Boys on Film 13 – Trick & Treat

boys-on-film-13-dvd-artworkTrick & Treat is the latest in Peccadillo Pictures’ collected gay short films series called Boys on Film. It’s going to be released on DVD and On-Demand on 13th July when you will be able to order it from Peccadillo Pictures themselves, from Amazon, iTunes and every self-respecting retailer.

When you watch the collection you will see ten new, award winning shorts which weave stories of secrets, relationships and deep desires. One tells the story of an elderly woman who sees a vision of Jesus on the swimming shorts of a young African man, another sees young men trying to cheat death when faced with the end of the world and another depicts an American teenager who fantasises over his school bully. With a range of films this varied it’s a collection that should inspire, illuminate and provoke.

Excitingly we have one copy, courtesy of Peccadillo Pictures, to give away.

To enter all you have to do is answer the simple question below by Thursday 16th of July.

What does an elderly woman see on a young African man’s shorts in one of these films? Is it:

A – A kissing couple?

B – Jesus?

C – A pineapple?

Remember the give-away closes on the 16th of July.

Go ahead and leave a reply!

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