The Girl in the Woods – Review (Spoiler Free)

Mystery and danger fills the lives of those looking for their missing friend in Tofiq Rzayev’s latest short

In this short film a friend is sent a strange text message by his friend which simply reads ‘Find Me’. Moments later his friend’s panicked girlfriend calls to say that he has disappeared after a row broke out between the two of them. Initially it seems that he just has gone off to take a break for a day or so, but as the days roll by he isn’t showing and our lead can’t help but wonder why he asked him to find him via text.

I have to give the film credit for its really interesting set up and how it takes a slightly off beat to the story it eventually tells. Unlike in Rzayev’s previous short Aftermath, where I felt he  tried to cram too much story into not enough minutes¹, this time he lets his story breathe. The pacing allows for characters to develop and events to develop naturally and the story it chooses to weave its web with the precision that he Rzayev was lacking in the past. There are questionable narrative beats which stick out such as the characters never once seeming to think to call the police for help, but within the film’s individual world everything feels controlled and self contained.

There are a few technical issues here and there such as a few awkward shots and an incorrectly balanced sound mix but these, whilst being highly important factors, are faults which can be remedied in Rzayev’s future works. What’s most important to note is that he has an eye for approaching a story in an interesting way which is rooted in emotion and character. He stumbles a little but at its core this is a classic story that’s been given a fresh approach and an emotional core to really root for.

And that’s all for now folks! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to drop your thoughts off in the box below!


  1. Sounds intriguing! Where did you see this?

    1. I was sent it for review ahead of release, not sure exactly when it will be publicly available as most shorts try and do festivals first…

      1. Oh cool, how did you manage to organise that?

        1. The director sent me an email in the past about his previous film and then got back in touch about this one!

          1. That is awesome. I wish I had directors emailing me!

          2. All it takes is that first one and then things start to snowball from there 🙂
            Why don’t you consider making a Contact page? I see your email address is on your about page but maybe it will help make it stand out on it’s own page? Just my thoughts…

          3. Well there is the about me page that has my contact addy there as well, I’m not sure how I could make that page more obvious though.

          4. Do you think i should change my bio? It isn’t very serious, I was just thinking perhaps changing it to something more serious (same goes with my about page) would give me a better shot of being ‘seen’

          5. Well I don’t know… In all honesty it might increase your chances of being ‘seen’ but you don’t want to sacrifice the feel and integrity of your site either. I think you just have to find a balance between the two elements where the contact details are presented simply and cleanly without it jarring too much with the rest of the site.

          6. thanks for the tips mate. Appreciated!

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