Blu-Ray Review: Casanova, The Saragossa Manuscript & The Hourglass Sanitorium

This week Mr Bongo gives three classic films the well deserved blu-ray restoration treatment. Two films by Wojciech Has (The Saragossa Mauscript The Hourglass Sanatorium) as well as Fellini’s Casanova hit UK shelves earlier this week in all their stunning restored condition. Here’s our review of the blu-ray re-release:

Audio & Visuals

This has to be one of the best restoration jobs I have ever seen. On all three films every frame is rich in depth regardless of whether it is in black and white or colour and there is not a scratch or mark to be seen. The honest description is that based on the condition and clarity of the film these masterpieces could have been filmed yesterday, but therein lies the flaw which stops me from awarding a 100% mark. Whilst the image is superbly crisp, it does seem to have lost some of its warmth, it’s almost too shiny and distanced. This is a personal preference really and its down to you as to whether such a technicality will bother you. Excellent work has been done here, and if you want these classics to look as crisp and as well maintained as possible then you couldn’t ask for more.


Mr Bongo’s Bluray’s are nicely presented and these three are no exception. The external display is neat and attractive and the internal menu is simple and easy to navigate. The discs do lose points for having a fairly clunky scene selection menu and for its slightly visually uninspired  menu. These are attractive if not standout designs which get the job done, even if they don’t push the boat out particularly.


There are no special features on these releases.


Three classic films are presented here in stunningly clear Blu-Ray format. They look and sound better than brand new and each of them is worth their price twice over. Whilst the big shame here is the lack of any special features, it is a loss which is bearable given the quality of the end product. If you love the films then you’ll want to see these restored versions and if you have yet to be introduced to them then you couldn’t ask for a better starting point.

These Blu-Rays hit UK shelves this week, will you be grabbing yourselves a copy? Let us know in the comment box below!


One comment

  1. I don’t know enough about these films to get excited about them so thanks for at least bringing them to my attention! 😉

    This is probably a personal thing but I do have to say that the big splodgy handprint logo or whatever it is on the front cover is ugly and spoils the artwork. That needs a rethink in my opinion. :/

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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