War Pigs – Review

Cast and crew film War Pigs at Timpooneke Campground in the Uinta National Forest in Utah. (photo by Jay Drowns)

Soldiers venture behind enemy lines in this new war film…

In War Pigs disgraced soldier Jack Wosick (Luke Goss) is given his shot at redemption in the form of leading a squad of undisciplined soldiers deep into enemy territory in order to find a Nazi super-weapon. Ignoring the strange logic as to why they would pick that group for such a dangerous and important mission the film’s premise holds a respectable level of promise. Throwing back to pretty much every war film made since WWII, it could have welded charm and some decent action together in order to create a familiar but fresh faced take on a classic formula. Instead though it doesn’t have the charm, wit or even adrenaline levels to allow it to compete with the great war films of the past.

It’s first and, possibly most damaging, stumbling block is the script. Straight from the outset we don’t fully believe that these are soldiers in WWII. They spit out their clichéd lines with macho humour but it all just feels like a pastiche, there is no meaning behind these lines and they carry no weight. One suspects that the scriptwriter has just set out to put in as many ‘classic’ phrases in as he can in the hope that it makes him seem knowledgeable. It doesn’t. Of course these lines could have been just about acceptable if they were backed up by thought out and interesting characters but very few of these men are distinguishable from each other. Each is a cardboard cut out with only three of them having any sort of genuine characteristics.

The film’s clear budgeting issues I can forgive, it’s plotting and scripting I can’t. There is little real sense of pace here with the film building up to them finding the hidden weapon, lots of training sequences, lots of the inevitable ‘getting to know’ the characters and then they strut off into enemy territory. Then, in the very next scene, they find it. Where was all of the suspense of moving through enemy territory trying to track the thing down? The film is full of such disappointments due to poor pacing and being told things rather than just shown them. I for one got pretty bored of being told that this was a formidable team of soldiers when it seemed pretty clear to me that they started out as clueless, disorganised idiots and ended up exactly the same. If you are aware that it’s flawed and has a small budget then you could try to enjoy War Pigs, but you have a hell of a lot of issues to gloss over if you do.


  1. abbiosbiston · · Reply

    I can’t Luke Goss seriously because I still remember when he was in Bros.

    1. Well this wasn’t the best film for him to have tried to prove you wrong, not a great film…

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