Writing’s on the Wall: Sam Smith’s Bond Song Debuts

sam smithSam Smith’s Bond song has finally arrived…

The long old wait for SPECTRE‘s release is almost up and this morning we are one step closer to that magic moment when we sit down in the theatre on opening night. Today Sam Smith’s Bond theme song finally hits the airwaves and we tuned in, as we always do when a new Bond song is released, with a unique mixture of fear and excitement swirling around inside us. Let’s find out if it was worth the wait…

First impressions as the song begins and that orchestra swells is that we are in classic Bond territory here. Writing on the Wall feels and sounds like a classic Bond theme song in the vein of  From Russia With LoveGoldfinger and Thunderball. It’s good to continue what Adele did with Skyfall and return to a traditional Bond sound and what Smith has managed to do is still carve out his own take on that classic sound rather than simply mimicking Adele’s song.

What surprised us most is that despite all of the song’s intense orchestra it is almost gentle and romantic in places, and we like that. It’s not quite what we were expecting but it again feels like its in line with older Bond songs that tended towards a romantic outlook.

It’s early days yet but we liked what we just heard and would love to know what you all thought! Please drop your thoughts off in the comment box below. You can find the song below…


  1. OMG! Haven’t heard it yet but will look for it right now. So exciting! LOVE Sam Smith

    1. I have a link now if you haven’t found it yet!

      1. Thanks, man! Sam posted the Spotify link on FB, which is the one I embedded in my post!

        1. Yeah I just saw that and switched mine for the Spotify one!

  2. Just heard it and have to agree with the romantic angle you mentioned.

    1. It certainly is isn’t it. Do you like the song?

      1. I must say I do like it, has a real classical feel to it.

        1. Glad to hear it! I’m hearing mixed reactions but I like it and I think it will improve with time too.

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