Final Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

Star WarsThe Final Episode VII trailer is here…

Yesterday Star Wars fans broke cinema websites in the rush to grab their tickets for The Force Awakens, today the final trailer has burst onto our screens in all of its glory. Here at Rumsey’s we are trying to hold back from letting the hype build too severely due to those painful Phantom Menace memories however… it’s proving very difficult.

We are not ones for reading every theory and seeking out every leaked set photo, we want to be surprised when the plot of the new film plays out in front of us. That’s what, for us, Star Wars is all about. That shot of pure cinema which surprises, excites and moves us in ways that few other films can. Where you’re not trying to second guess the plot but instead are just caught up in the spectacle and romance of the adventure. Still this trailer leaves us asking plenty of questions such as why are we not seeing Luke Skywalker (although presumably that is him with R2-D2), what links these new characters together, how are Han Solo and Leia going to factor in here…. Come what may, we can’t wait to find out on December 18th.

You can find the trailer below:


  1. YES!!!!!!!! 🙂

    1. Haha! Fingers crossed that this is as good as we all want it to be!

      1. I hope so! 🙂

  2. Could be the greatest film since……….um, Star Wars! Who will ever forget the thrill of that space ship gliding across the top of the movie screen so many years ago? Let’s hope this film gives us at least 50% of THAT thrill. If that happens, we are indeed in for one hell of a ride!
    Who wasn’t caught out with the last batch of Star Wars cash-ins!
    Maybe this is really A New Hope and not some Phantom Menace!!

    1. That’s a pretty good way of putting it, if we can get something of that opening thrill then we will all be happy!

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