Who’s That? – November Edition

And last month’s silhouette was the ape from 2001 A Space Odyssey!

Only a few managed to get this silhouette so congratulations to the following correct guessers!:

Cinema Parrot Disco
Committed to Celluloid
Marked Movies
Ronald McNamara
Tales From the Border
Thom Robinson

And now onto this month’s header. As always you need to be looking at the figure on the far left in either the picture below or the header above. Once you know who it is then just head on over to here or fill out the form below in order to make your guess!


  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Since becoming a full-time contributor, I’ve stopped playing the guessing game – it might look underhanded.
    That said, I was absolutely convinced this was Animal from The Muppets.

    1. Yeah that’s fair enough.You weren’t the only one to think that actually!

      1. O, I’m relieved I wasn’t the only one.

  3. abbiosbiston · · Reply

    Oh dear… I have no idea… again…

    1. Haha, you have some time to think about it!

  4. irscriptwriter · · Reply

    Hooray! I’ll have to ponder the next one.

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