Guns For Hire – New Release Review

Guns for HIre

Nothing can save this lacklustre and frustratingly unimaginative thriller…

I suppose, if I was being kind, then I would say that Guns for Hire isn’t served the best start by its marketing department. It is not the thriller it has been marketed as but more of an attempt at a clever and emotionally driven drama, not that it succeeds at being that… far from it. The writing here is so poor that it drains any possible life out of this story of an assassin befriending her next target a week before having to fulfil her contract. There is room for somewhat compelling drama in this plotline and, coupled with the interwoven narrative of her recounting the events under interrogation by a cop, it could provide an insight into the psychology and emotional torments of your average assassin. Instead though we are treated to one of the dullest, least imaginative and at times full on insultingly underwritten plots I have seen in years. Couple that with bad dialogue and underwhelming acting and you have an early contender for the worst film of the year.

Guns for Hire does have a smattering of talented actors all the way through, unfortunately they amount to little more than cameos for the most part and all give uninspired performances – although I’m happy to give every actor in this a free pass because not even your greatest actor could make these scenes work. Jeffrey Dean Morgan fares best, bringing an expected but still welcome air of menace to his part as a sadistic torturer and gun for hire. On occasion the chemistry between our female leads (Michele Hicks, Ever Carradine) does bring a smile and you can start to sense the relationship which could have been present on the screen were this a different film with a different script.

I think it is fair to assume that this is a film which has struggled in development for a long time, which was written off a long time ago and has now been given a thriller DVD cover in order to push as many copies out of the door before everyone catches on that it is simply not worth the effort it takes to put the DVD in the player. It’s a shame to see the actors wasting away in this, but unfortunately there is nothing here that I can recommend. One to avoid.

Guns for Hire comes to the UK today (11th January) on DVD courtesy of TriCoast UK. Already seen it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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