What Have You Done to Solange? – Blu-Ray Review

A co-production between Italy and Germany, and as a result a hybrid between the dominant giallo and krimi traditions, this little oddball is getting the Arrow rerelease treatment. A professor takes a student out for a boatride and a murder is committed, and, if you know the genre at all, then you’ll be expecting that about a million other twists follow.

The Film

Far from the exploitative norm of the giallo picture, What Have You Done to Solange? is a dreamy and strangely beautiful picture, and one of surprising delicacy. It’s still very much of its genre – oddly structured, occasionally illogical, given to irrelevant passages – but it’s also exemplary of it.

Audio and Visuals

The audio sounds lovely and clear, which is great when it’s highlighting a Morricone score, but the out-of-focus visuals haven’t translated perfectly to hi-def.


Arrow delivers as usual, with the expected reversible sleeve.


The big extra here is “Innocence Lost”, a visual essay on the “Schoolgirls in Peril” trilogy (this film and its two spiritual sequels, What Have They Done to Your Daughters? and Red Rings of Fear); but we also get “Old-School Producer”, an interview with producer Fulvio Lucisano; “First Action Hero”, an interview with actor/stuntman Fabio Testi; “What Have You Done to Decency?”, an interview with actress Karin Baal; and, best of all, a commentary with giallo expert Alan Jones and general brain Kim Newman, in which the two have much fun mocking the film’s many inaccuracies as far as London and Britain are concerned. Apart from that there is also a trailer as well as the usual selectable audio – English or Italian. Since the film was shot with English lip-sync, it may be inauthentic to go with the subtitled option in this instance.


This is a solid release of a solid film, and fans of giallo or the Italian cinema will definitely want to pick it up.


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