Nina Forever Receives Brand New Poster

Nina_Forever_Poster_Keeler_6_SmallThis inventive future cult classic gets a new poster ahead of DVD & Blu-Ray release…

We loved Nina Forever when we first saw it last year, in fact it was one of our strongest recommendations from the entire FrightFest 2015¹ line up. Now the inventive and gruesome story of a new couple being haunted by the ghost of the male’s deceased exlover is headed for DVD, Blu-Ray and EST next month and has received an appropriately bloody new poster.

We cannot wait to revisit this funny and often touching horror when it hits EST on 15th February and the shelves on the 22nd February. The film will come loaded with a set of special features entitled ‘A Look Behind Nina Forever’, ‘Things That Are Not There’ and ‘Things That Were Not There’.

Here’s a trailer of the film if you want to see more ahead of its release next month:

One comment

  1. This looks SCARY AS HELL. HAHA. But something tells me its much more than horror.

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