The Forest Receives New Poster

Natalie Dormer’s spooky forest trip receives a brand new poster…

Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer leads this new supernatural horror set in the Aokigahara Forest (aka The Suicide Forest). Ahead of it’s cinematic release on the 26th The Forest has received a brand new poster with a tagline simply warning us to stay on the path. And when you look a little closer it seems there are some pretty good reasons to stick firmly on that path…

Telling the story of Sara (Dormer) as she journeys into the notorious forest in search of her missing twin sister (Dormer again). She is warned before entering that she must never leave the path (three guesses as to whether she ever strays?) and once night falls she is having to face the forest almost alone, accompanied only by Aiden an untrustworthy journalist who may have something to hide.

When Sara decides to stick it out in one of the world’s most haunted forests over night she will have to survive encounters with the tormented souls of the dead who are out to catch those who stray too near. Whether she will survive her trip depends as much on her own zeal as it does the dead and living who she must confront in order to find out what happened to her sister.

Dormer is joined by fellow cast members  Taylor Kinney and Eoin Macken in this Jason Zada directed horror. You’ll be able to catch The Forest in UK cinemas from the 26th February.

Here’s a trailer of the film if you want to see more ahead of its release:


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