Fear the Walking Dead – Sun, Sand and Rotting Corpses

Zombie - Fear Walking Dead Seaon 2There’s no safe harbour in this teaser from Fear the Walking Dead

We have another teaser for Fear the Walking Dead everyone! Whilst it’s certainly short this beach based series of shots only adds to the tone and location building which AMC have been undertaking for the last couple of weeks.

We’ve had stills, a different teaser and an actual trailer recently and they’ve done a pretty good job of getting us excited to see just how treacherous it is to survive at sea in the zombie apocalypse. Of course on top of that we’ve also had the short film series Flight 462 release it’s first eight of sixteen episodes. The rest due to come out every Monday of every week until early April.

Fear the Walking Dead will air on the 11th April and those of you who are based in the UK will be able to watch it live with the Americans at 2:00 am via AMC Global and BT.

Here’s the teaser:

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