Fear the Walking Dead – New Trailer: Monster

There’s danger in the depths in Fear the Walking Dead

Today we have recieved the first 30 second trailer for Fear the Walking Dead‘s upcoming season! We have a nice amount of new footage mixed in with what we have already seen and the show seems to be striking an interesting balance between classic zombie apocalypse and a quasi-Jaws tone which is quite intriguing.

Now when we are only just over a month from season premiere in April we have had we’ve had quite a collection of stills, teasers and trailers and for our money they have managed to intrigue by not being pure replicas of the primary show we all know and love, but instead choosing to take a somewhat different road. Of course on top of all this footage we also have the short film series Flight 462 which is releasing a new episode every Monday of every week.

Fear the Walking Dead will air on the 11th April and those of you who are based in the UK will be able to watch it live with the Americans at 2:00 am via AMC Global and BT.

Here’s the teaser:

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