Positive Discrimination – New Release Review

Positive Discrimination PosterAn impactful if flawed short film on perception and prejudice…

Positive Discrimination is an Irish short which brings both smart scripting ideas and an emotionally engaging concept to the table. It tells us the story of a sweet older man being visited by a young carer and appears to be heading in one perfectly predictable direction before then ducking and diving down a couple of abrupt and hugely impactful twists and turns. This approach works to the film’s benefit, making sure that its plot surprises us without sacrificing the reality of its world nor the characters it has built up, however it isn’t quite enough to mask the problems the short is laden with.

The biggest gripe we have here is that the film takes far too long in getting to the point. This is not intended as a flippant comment, shorts succeed based on their succinctness and, whilst the second half rattles along quite nicely, the first half isn’t anywhere near lean enough and that kills so much of the film’s potential.

What is so pleasing about this short is that it tells a simple story that’s suited to its medium and yet which asks wider and far reaching questions about society and our perceptions of certain groups and types of people. It doesn’t do everything successfully being plagued with a slack script and some weak performances by the supporting cast, but at its crux it succeeds as a film which surprises us and causes us to challenge our everyday preconceptions.

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