Competition: Win The Affairs of Susan on DVD!

It’s your chance to win this classic rom-com!

We here at Rumsey’s are excited to announce that the classic rom-com The Affairs of Susan will be arriving in the UK on DVD from the 21st March.

Here’s the official text to whet your appetite:

‘Nominated for an Oscar in 1946, The Affairs of Susan is a thoroughly entertaining romantic comedy starring Academy Award winning movie icon Joan Fontaine (Rebecca) in the title role. The film arrives on DVD for the very first time in the UK on 21 March 2016 thanks to Simply Media.

New York actress Susan is about to marry businessman Richard Aiken (Walter Abel – Holiday Inn), a man she has only known for a few weeks. But the wedding may be called off when Richard decides to hold a party to celebrate and invites three of Susan’s former beaus. Each man recalls his experiences with Susan and every one has an entirely different impression of her personality! One describes her as a naive country girl who reluctantly becomes an actress, another paints a picture of a fun party girl and the third describes a serious intellectual. But which one is the real Susan?

How to win:

We here at Rumsey’s have decided to team up with Simply Media to promote the release and they have been good enough to grant us a DVD copy to give away to one lucky Rumsey reader! To enter all you have to do is answer the simple question below by 21st of March.

Three men recount who they remember Susan to be; one thinks of her as a party girl, one thinks of her as a naive country girl… but what does the third remember her as being?:

A – A tough talking cowgirl?

B – A seductive femme fatale?

C – An intellectual?

Remember the give-away closes on the 21st of March.

Go ahead and leave a reply!

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