Disorder – New Release Review

DisorderMatthias Schoenaerts stars in this stylish and intimate thriller…

A PTSD-afflicted soldier grappling to stay focused in the civilian world as a bodyguard is the sort of role which simply writes itself for Schoenaerts. The talented actor has a fine collection of tortured, physically intimidating roles under this belt now and Disorder certainly plays to those strengths. When he’s placed as the protection for a Lebanese businessman’s wife (Diane Kruger) we are treated to a tense exercise in style and cinematic manipulation. Was that flutter of the curtain caused by a gunman creeping around the room, or was it just the summer breeze? Did we just hear the click of a safety catch or did we imagine it? Our protagonist’s PTSD influences both his and our understanding of his surroundings, making every noise fill with tension and rendering every character suspicious. We soon find ourselves questioning everybody’s motives and actions, including our protagonists.

There is no doubt that Disorder functions best as a mood piece; the atmosphere which the cinematography, set design and score  collectively build is impressive and give the film plenty of fertile ground in which to sow tension and fear. And for the most part it does capitalise on that potential with some terrifically tense scenes and a general uneasy feeling which persists throughout. It does fall a little short though of managing to generate anything truly impactful. You don’t come away from the film turning over key scenes in your mind, and despite all the skill on display here and the suggestion of the drive to achieve something greater, it doesn’t amount to much more than an entertaining thriller.

Disorder is a sleek and sophisticated thriller with a great central performance by Schoenaerts and a strong supporting turn by Kruger. It’s well polished and thankfully places its focus on character rather than explosions and gunfire, but it lacks the necessary spice to give it that little something which would make it truly memorable.

Disorder opens in UK cinemas today (25th March), will you be checking it out? Let us know in the comment box below!


  1. Sounds very interesting, thank you for bringing this up to me!

    1. No worries, hope you can get to see it!

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