The Absent One – New Release Review

A strong pace, moody setting and honed acting give this thriller its pulse…

This is the second adaptation in the Department Q series following on from 2013’s The Keeper of Lost Casues. The same team are back to tell the story of a closed double murder case being reopened when the father of those killed takes his own life twenty years later. Quickly the case begins to unravel, revealing layers of secrecy and deception which our two suitably world-weary heroes (Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Fares Fares) must navigate in order to unpick the truth.

Whilst The Absent One does suffer from a somewhat unimaginative plot it is executed very well. You can forgive the fact that you have seen this sort of story many times over becasue the script is sharp, the direction confident and the cinematography accomplished. What really gives this film its oomph though is the quality of acting on display here; all the key players deliver strong and carefully considered performances with Nikolaj Lie Kaas’ subtly emotive turn and Danica Curcic’s striking depiction of grief and guilt being real highlights.

It’s good to see a sequel such as this which doesn’t cling to its predecessor for support. Those of you who are intrigued to see the film will be pleased to know that it requires no prior knowledge of The Keeper of Lost Causes in order to be fully enjoyed and understood. The two films are autonomous and benefit from being so. Whilst the plot is going to leave a number of genre fans wanting something fresher, there is no denying that this is an accomplished crime movie which succeeds at thrilling and moving its audience. See it for the cast and the production’s sharp and bleakly realised setting.

The Absent One is released today in UK Picturehouse cinemas, will you be checking it out? To find out how you can watch it just go here: Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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