Competition: Win Back to God’s Country on DVD!

It’s your chance to win this classic western!

We here at Rumsey’s are excited to announce that the classic western Back to God’s Country arrives today (18th April) in the UK on DVD.

Here’s the official text to whet your appetite:

‘Schooner captain Peter Keith (Hudson) and his wife Dolores (Marcia Henderson) arrive in the icy wilderness of North America with a cargo of furs.

On their arrival, however, they encounter Paul Blake (Steve Cochran) and his helper Frank (Hugh O’Brian), who have the captain’s cargo and his wife in their sights.

As the crooks convince Peter that it is too icy for them to continue their journey, the captain senses that something is amiss and endeavours to get him and his wife safely home.

How to win:

We here at Rumsey’s have decided to team up with Simply Media to promote the release and they have been good enough to grant us a DVD copy to give away to one lucky Rumsey reader! To enter all you have to do is answer the simple question below by 24th of April.

What cargo does Peter Keith have with him when arriving in North America? Is it:

A – wine?

B – gold?

C – furs?

Remember the give-away closes on the 24th of April.

Go ahead and leave a reply!

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