Game of Thrones: The Red Woman (Season 6, Episode 1)

Season 6 gets off to a bloody, confident and thrilling start…

Heavy Spoiler Warning: This episode does not air until 9pm in the UK and so if you haven't yet seen Episode 1 of Season Six it is strongly advised that you do not read this article.

So we are back in the cold, harsh world of Westeros where it does not pay to be good, kind or noble and only the shrewdest, strongest and most cunning survive. The opening episode of the show’s sixth season establishes itself quickly and confidently; dropping us in with most of the principal players, showing us where they stand now and setting in motion the wheels which will propel them through the next ten episodes. We cannot wait to see a number of these plot lines unfold; Jamie and Cersei Lannister are gearing themselves up for one hell of a bloodbath in the wake of their daughter’s murder, Tyrion has his work cut out for himself as he begins to figure out how to control the volatile and self destructing city he has been given custody of and surprisingly one of the plots we are most intrigued by is that surrounding the newly formed Sansa, Theon, Brienne and Podrick team. We may even be able to get behind Daenerys again after she has felt inert for so long what with the recent dramatic change of her fortunes.

But the one plotline we were all so desperate to have answered has been left hanging… or has it? Is Jon Snow dead, never to rise again? He certainly looked pretty cold and gray throughout this episode and perhaps that’s it, this is the unforgiving world of Westeros after all. If he is coming back then the show needs to hurry up and sort that out so it can move forward as soon as possible. The tension was thick when the episode started, and although it never let up throughout its run time the show could loose its pace quickly if they hang onto the possibility of bring Jon back for too long.

This is the first time the series has aired since outstripping the source material on which it was based and thankfully we can report that it has started out strong; confidently establishing itself, its tone and building our anticipation for many of the storylines ahead. The Red Woman was a thrilling and emotionally stirring (Brienne and Sansas reunion was very touchingly played) episode which promises great things looking forward to season six. There’s only two questions we are burning to know the answer to ahead of next week’s episode; is Jon Snow ever going to rise again and perhaps even more importantly, just what exactly is going on with Melisandre’s new look?

So Game of Thrones is finally back, what did you think of the latest episode? Let us know in the comment box below!


  1. Nice one! I liked this episode, but I’m looking forward to stronger episodes. Fun reveal at the end though, who would have known!

    1. Thanks! It had a lot going for it in my opinion, most notably the union of Stansa and Brienne. I really want all of that little newly formed group to survive for a while. Am actually really warming to Theon’s plight now. Would be great if he can continue his journey of building himself back up and finding a semblance of honour again….

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