New 28 Days Later Limited Edition Prints Available

28DAYS_finalartwork_dmumfordTake a look at this lovely new poster for Secret Cinema’s 28 Days Later event…

The infected are raging and the darkness grows as Secret Cinema’s 28 Days Later event keeps going strong in the capital. Now artist Dan Mumford has taken inspiration from the outbreak and designed this stunning limited edition print to tie into Secret Cinema’s immersive event.

If you’ve somehow not yet heard about Secret Cinema’s latest event then here’s the official synopsis:

‘Prepare yourself for a brand-new horror experience. Secret Cinema Presents is bringing Danny Boyle’s 2002 British cult classic, 28 Days Later, to life. When Jim (Cillian Murphy), wakes from a coma to discover a deadly virus has infected London and society has all but collapsed, he must fight for survival in a world that has been torn apart by the infected.

Expect a fully immersive, cinematic experience that will bring you into the heart of a post-apocalyptic world. The event will run for 5 hours, and as well as a themed screening of the film, the audience will be taken into a fictional world, with actors, epic sets and interactive experiences that will give you the chance to live the horror for real.’

More information and tickets can be found here.

How to get your hands on the poster:

If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on one of these beauties then fear not, it’s as simple as clicking on this little link.

Also, if you’ve found yourself intrigued by the work on display here and want to find out what else the artist has done there is no better place to start looking than his Facebook page right here.


  1. Everything about this is so cool! Wish I could be a part of the event

    1. They are pretty cool events to go along to!

  2. That’s a great poster. I did Secret Cinema once back when it was still actually a secret for the film Brazil. I was the only person I came across all night though who had actually seen it though. Ha ha!

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