Pink String and Sealing Wax – Blu-Ray Review (New Release)

We take a look at this restored 1945 classic as it arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD…

Based on the play by Roland Pertwee and with an all-star cast including Mervyn Johns, Googie Withers, Gordon Jackson, Jean Ireland, Mary Merall and Sally Ann Howes, Pink String and Sealing Wax is the solo directorial debut from Ealing Studios regular Robert Hamer (Kind Hearts And Coronets).

Set in Victorian Brighton, this roaring melodrama sees the much-loved Googie Withers (The Lady Vanishes, One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing) as femme fatale Pearl Bond, a frustrated innkeeper’s wife who turns to extreme measures in order to escape her husband’s grasp.

Here’s our review…

Audio and Visuals

A really commendable effort has been made here to make this film look and sound as good as it possibly can. The restoration job on the visuals is impressive; returning texture, depth and clarity to the film. In fact their so proud of their restoration work, and quite rightly so, that the film comes with a before and after video demonstrating the extent of their work.


A good looking DVD/Blu-Ray case and an elegant, easy to navigate menu make this an attractive and functional edition to your movie collection.


Aside from the aforementioned restoration video there are also two informative and engaging interviews on this disc, one with Joanna McCallum (Googie Withers’s daughter) and the other with UEA senior lecturer Melanie Williams. Both interviewees bring distinctly different and interesting viewpoints on the film; ensuring that these special features only serve to enrich our understanding of the film and the climate in which it was made.


An interesting film which has enough charm and charisma to appeal to the common film goer and not simply film buffs with an interest in Ealing’s back catalog. A fine restoration job has been done here, bringing the film a new lease of life and that, combined with the attractive design and informative bonus features makes this a highly recommendable purchase.

Pink String and Sealing Wax is released on Blu-Ray and DVD today (25th April), will you be checking it out? Let us know in the comment box below!

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