Ran – New 4k Blu-Ray Release Review

‘To commemorate 400 years since William Shakespeare’s death and thirty years on from its original UK theatrical release in 1986, RAN has been meticulously restored in digital 4K by French laboratory Éclair under STUDIOCANAL and Kadokawa Pictures’ supervision. Based on an original negative, the majority of the restoration work has been done manually, image by image. An action-packed historical epic of stylistic grandeur, the new restoration amplifies the film’s visual splendour, seen first in all its glory in 2015 where it screened at Cannes, New York and Toronto Film Festivals.’

Here’s our review:

Audio and Visuals

A film this atmospheric, this drenched in colour and which pays such attention to sound and score deserves only the best restoration, and it seems like it’s got it. The colours pop off the screen; remarkable in their intensity and richness. The score sounds better than ever and the experience of sitting down to watch Ran is uncommonly improved by the meticulous attention to detail evidenced here.


An attractive menu system and a very strong piece of cover art give this release the appropriate sense of grandeur and prestige.


A feature on the restoration process itself plus a number of interviews and some retrospective documentaries on Kurosawa and Ran make for an informative and valuable special features selection. The breadth of material here should help introduce those who are new to the director to his body of work whilst also containing points of interest for the devoted fans.


An exceptional restoration on a classic film. Kurosawa fans should look nowhere else for their copy of Ran. The evident attention to detail in this edition is befitting of the legendary film and the work done on the original prints, alongside the special features and impressive artwork make this a must buy for any real cinephile.

Ran is released on DVD & Blu-ray today (2nd May) by Studiocanal, will you be checking it out? Let us know in the comment box below!

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