Janis: Little Girl Blue – New Release Review

Janis-quad-WebA passionate and ultimately joyful celebration of Joplin’s life and career…

It would, I think, be easy to make a dour, serious and depressing study of Joplin’s life and tragic death. We can be thankful then that instead Amy J. Berg has given us a film which celebrates her lust for life and experience, which captures some of Joplin’s magic and energy. Naturally much of the film’s subject matter is dark and upsetting, the death of a music icon at 27 years old couldn’t not be, but crucially we come away from the film having rejoiced in Joplin’s talent rather than having simply mourned her death.

Whilst never feeling intrusive this documentary investigates Joplin’s youth; her desires, troubles and hopes and from there charts her extraordinary rise to becoming the ‘mother of the blues’ and the ‘queen of rock and roll’. Some will wish for a film which digs deeper, which gets its hands dirty trying to understand the destructive aspect to her personality. And there is room for a film out there which pours over her life with a fine magnifying glass. However this documentary gives an emotionally charged, even handed look at Joplin’s life and career whilst never sacrificing integrity, never sanctifying her and which pays its respects whilst giving a triumphant cheer for the joy which she brought to so many.

Janis: Little Girl Blue is out now on DVD and VOD, will you be checking it out? Let us know in the comment box below!

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