Game of Thrones: The Door (Season 6, Episode 5)

Long awaited secrets are revealed in this terribly upsetting episode of Game of Thrones

Heavy Spoiler Warning: If you haven't yet seen Episode 5 of Season Six it is strongly advised that you do not read this article.

So… let’s talk about episode five’s biggest revelation first and then we can come to its most upsetting. We now know how the White Walkers came about; they were created as a weapon of mass destruction by the Children of the Forest as a necessary self-defence tool in the war against man, and just like so many other weapons of great power they ended up becoming far more dangerous than their creators could handle. It’s a satisfying enough explanation, making up for what it lacks in originality with a certain pleasing pragmatism. It feels logical that they were created for that purpose and we don’t need them too be anything more mystical than a terrifying, out of control weapon.

This huge reveal though is quickly swept aside as the episode makes room for its larger, more emotional storylines; Theon begins to build himself up again as he fights for his sister’s cause, Dany finally forgives Jorah, Ayra confronts history being rewritten, Sansa continues to take control of her destiny and of course we finally learn just why Hodor only ever said Hodor. Hats off to the show for making his send off as affecting a moment as it was a satisfying reveal. Once we had digested his departure though Bran’s intervention into the past raises many interesting questions about just how much power he has and what he can change in time. This is an area of the show which is extremely rich in possibilities, however introducing a power this game changing does make us a little concerned in case it is poorly handled.

This was a more focused episode than those which have come before which I think was necessary in order to really deliver the emotional impact necessary. It’s going to be very interesting to see just how this series winds up now that we have reached the halfway point, at the speed with which we are travelling you can’t help but wonder just how much story series 6 is going to burn through.

So what did you think of the latest episode? Let us know in the comment box below!


  1. theipc · · Reply

    I haven’t read the books or anything but I am trying to stand by the fact that we didn’t see someone actually die.

    1. I guess… but I don’t think I can assume anything other than he is dead now. I just hope we don’t have to witness a reanimated dead Hodor…

  2. I can’t get over Hodor. Even when I think of it now I want to cry.

    1. It’s so very upsetting! Plus all week people having been yelling ‘Hold the Door’ whenever you open a door at the office, serving as a constant reminder!

      1. Too soon, people. Too soon.

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