iPlayer Pick of the Month: The Living and the Dead

There’s something deeply disturbing amid sleepy Shepzoy…

This month our hearts and minds were ensnared by the deceptively familiar and particularly unsettling The Living and the Dead.

What’s it All About?:
This six part series starring Colin Morgan and Charlotte Spencer tells the story of the celebrated psychologist Nathan Appleby and his budding photographer wife Charlotte. As they take over the family farm and start living their lives out in the country they are initially hampered by a local resistance to modern machinery. Then things become drastically more challenging as Nathan is drawn into some rather strange, possibly supernatural forces at work in the area which challenge his firm belief in the rational and scientific.

Why We Love It:
Really impressive performances from its two leads, a thoughtful and inventive script, a great score starring Elizabeth Fraser’s haunting vocals and sumptuous cinematography mark this out as something rather special. Couple all of that with how we love  the series’ approach which favours suggestion and more often uses your imagination against you, whilst also peppering each episode with plenty of jump scares and you’re onto a winning formula. The biggest sell comes from watching the entirety of the first episode; your expectations of what you think the show is will be challenged in a most delightful and intriguing way….

How Long Do I Have to Watch It?:
The first of the six one hour long episodes expires from iPlayer tomorrow (28th July) at 10pm.


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