Exclusive Interview: Emilia Ares Zoryan Talks The Dark Tapes


Getty Images – Vincent Sandoval

Today we welcome actress Emilia Ares Zoryan to the site in order to discuss her latest movie: The Dark Tapes. In this horror anthology Emilia leads one chapter as a cam girl who may be involved in more than what first meets the eye…. Read on for our interview:

Hi Emilia, many thanks for taking out some time to answer our questions!

It’s my pleasure.

Could you let us know a little about The Dark Tapes and your role within it?

The Dark Tapes is a horror anthology, in other words, it’s a collection of four stories woven together with one thread. And what attracted me most to the project was the originality of content and how well the whole thing flowed in and out, story to story. That’s rare in a horror anthology.

In it, I play the role of Caitlin, a cam girl who suffers from frequent memory blackouts that started ever since she moved in with her new girlfriend, Sindy.

Performing to a webcam must be interesting for an actress as your character is consciously putting on a performance. How did you approach the role and that element of the script?

That’s true, I was essentially playing someone who was playing someone else. The important thing to remember when approaching this kind of material is how easily you can box it into a nice little stereotype. Cam girl equals sex kitten might be one of those stereotypes, but not Caitlin and certainly not Sindy. There’s no doubt that these girls are in complete control of their clients and that kind of feminine dominance is always fun to play especially when you build the backstory into it regarding Sindy’s true identity.

Did you have to carry out any research into the world of a cam girl and how conversations play out online, or was that clear from the script?

I always like to combine research (like watching a cam girl perform) with character work. Together they both inform my take on Caitlin. The research helps me understand the strategies of a cam girl, how they think, what tools they use to get what they want and then I take that and combine it with my own questions of who is Caitlin as a person? How did she get here, what makes her do this? Is it a rush? A necessity? Or the pressure to please your new partner? All of those things we can relate to just as humans.

Does your film stand on its own or is it intrinsically tied to the other films in the anthology?

I think it can stand on its own potentially because there is so much room in that world to expand on. Without trying to give anything away:

  • How did Sindy become “the way she is”?
  • How did they meet?
  • What is Caitlin going to do when she loses more and more memories and that part of her takes over completely?

However it works nicely in the context of this anthology as well I think.

What do you think this form of storytelling brings to the narrative compared to a traditional, linear narrative?

It’s more like a puzzle. At first you admire the pieces but you’re not quite sure how they fit together, but once you see the bigger picture, you start seeing how it’s all connected and that’s a nice moment of discovery which is always fun and rewarding.

You’re fairly experienced with shooting anthology films, as a performer how does the experience of shooting an anthology entry contrast with shooting on a traditional film?

Well it’s a lot shorter, for one. With VHS Viral, we had to get all of it in the can within a couple of days and there were different directors for each segment, we shot simultaneously and I had no clue what the other stories would be about until I watched it in theatres. The Dark Tapes is all Michael McQuown so there is more of a sense that the project segments all tie in together even if there are 4 stories. But I guess with anthologies the best way to describe it is a number of short stories under the umbrella of one feature film and one theme.

Was it always your intention to go into acting? I understand that you also graduated with a degree in Economics….

I was planning on becoming a lawyer at the time, I was interested in corporate law. I really enjoyed calculus and ended up studying economics at UCLA, I guess because it’s heavily math based. But I found myself a bit bored so I fell into acting classes while I was finishing my degree and that became my creative outlet, something that eventually became my priority.

And do you have any particular aims within the industry? Any particular types of films, roles or jobs?

My goal is to get to a level where I do get to decide that, choose my roles not just audition for the ones available to me, read scripts and decide which ones portray society in an honest and extraordinary way. I’m drawn to watching films that have a social impact, that shed light on subjects that otherwise would remain in the shadows. I hope to publish a novel one day, ideally turn it into a script and maybe even direct. I have launched a couple of restaurant endeavors so I understand what it feels like to start something out of nothing, put your heart into it and hope that one day people will come and enjoy it. I feel like, in that sense, the entertainment industry is all connected whether we’re talking about cuisine, film, literature, or fashion. We all just want to make something that people can enjoy and maybe our creations will even pass the test of time.

And finally what other films do you have coming out which we should keep our eyes open for?

I have a recurring guest star role on Bosch this season which is a great series with an incredible cast and crew. It’s on Amazon and it’s an LA noir detective show based on Michael Connelly’s best seller and I encourage everyone to watch it.

Halfdan Hussey, Kathleen Powell, and  Vijay Rajan who are behind the Cinequest Film Festival and produced and directed Mr. Invincible, offered me the role of Natalie. They remembered me from my first feature Falling Overnight which premiered there in 2011 and won the Special Jury Award.

Mr. Invincible is an adventure comedy staring Alyson Stoner and Bill Engvall about Joe a.k.a Mr. Invincible who embarks on a wild quest to get back his ex-girlfriend, Natalie, when cell phone videos of his suicide attempts go viral making him a star.

The cool part about this film is that Mr. Invincible releases theatrically in the Barco Escape three-screen immersive format and will be the first fully realized Barco Escape feature.

The Dark Tapes will be released in 2017, are you going to be checking it out? Let us know in the comment box below!

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