A Brief Encounter with Makenna Guyler

Makenna Guyler

Why acting?

Well from the word go I loved to perform, which began as making up plays or songs with my older siblings. I wanted to be a ballerina from about 3 years old, but aged 8 I became a massive tomboy and the tutus weren’t my thing- I still absolutely adore ballet- maybe in another life!! Then, at a bit of an older age felt like I could be a singer after a couple of wins on Singstar, but this stage only lasted a couple of months till I realised my voice was better kept to the shower (Sorry Mum and Dad). So naturally, I fell to acting and haven’t ever looked back! I love that I get to experience different things and travel all whilst meeting such interesting people and telling great stories- what’s not to love?!

How did you first break into the industry?

My first ‘job’ was a commercial for life insurance- I got to drink orange juice and play snakes and ladders all day- as a kid I thought it was the best job ever! (Still do- just less OJ drinking now!) .

What do you bring to a film set?

Food. I’m such a foodie and I’m gluten intolerant so with the best will in the world, the film set donut and biscuit snacks are sadly out of bounds for me so I always have something on me to pick at. Jumpers, fluffy socks, a book and my headphones are close followers.

Your most insane day at work?

Night shoots!!! Night shoots are always insane- But I love them! It’s times like that when you really see how driven everyone is to give their all into the project, and it’s peoples’ passion and focus in these moments that really inspires me.

 Most interesting person you’ve ever met?

I find the more work I do, the more incredible people I get to meet- everyone has their own quirks and ways about them and in an intense environment like that of a set, I feel like you get to know them very quickly. I met David Walliams in a lift once… He commented on how slow the lift was… I don’t think he thought our conversation went well haha!

Have you any hidden talents?

Hidden talents… I know all the words to Eminems’ ‘Without Me’… I’m sure that’s more his talent than mine?! I’m a trained bra fitter- does that count?!

Person you’d like to meet?

I would love to meet Kevin Spacey- I feel like he’s got the work play balance down to a T and is exceptionally good at what he does- you’d get to hang out and pick his brains all whilst having a laugh.

Current project(s)?

I’m in Theatre4Thoughts’ headline play ‘Baby’ on 1st October alongside an extremely talented bunch of people. I’m also in pre-production for both a feature and a short due to film in November 🙂

Contacting Makenna








  1. I liked this interview quite a bit.

    1. Glad to hear it, it was good fun to do!

      1. Happy to hear it was fun for you.

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