Exclusive Interview: Ashley Mary Nunes Talks All Through the House

Today we are pleased to welcolme actress Ashley Mary Nunes to the site in order to talk about her role in the new Christmas slasher movie All Through The House. Read on for more!

Could you let our readers know a little about All Through the House and the role you play?

Yes, All Through The House is a Christmas themed 80’s throwback slasher written and directed by my brother, Todd Nunes. My character, Rachel Kimmel, comes home for the holidays. She has abandonment issues and starts to unraval a mystery which she’s been yearning to learn about. There will be lots of gore, kills, and the creepiest Santa played by the very talented, Lito Velasco.

What do you think makes this movie stand apart from some of the other Christmas slashers which we have seen in recent years?

I think what makes All Through The House stand apart from other Christmas slashers is the story.

How did you approach playing the role of Rachel?

My oldest brother Robert passed away when I was 16. He was a huge source of inspiration for my character, Rachel. There are a ton of questions I would love to ask Robert, but I will never have them answered. I feel like Rachel took a lot of risks trying to get answers and I believe I would take those same risks.

Do you tend to heavily research the parts you play or are you perhaps a more instinctive actor?   

As an actress, I believe there is always room to grow and risks to take. I don’t look at actors or actresses as guidelines to how I would approach a character or scene. If the character is experiencing something I haven’t gone through before, I will do some research on the topic. I like to give a good backstory and find myself within the character.

It’s interesting to see that you work with your brother on All Through the House, what’s it like being directed by a family member?

I am Todd Nunes’ #1 fan! I love working with my brother, so of course I would jump on any opportunity that I can just to work with him. Todd knows that he can push me past my limits and that I will deliver. I trust him 100%. Plus, we have my entire lifetime working with each other.

ashley-mary-nunesDid you have any influence on the development of the film or where you effectively given this job as if it were any other?

Todd needed someone he could count on to help out on a drop of a dime. He knew that person was me. Todd is the mastermind behind All Through The House, but I did have some influence. Whenever Todd would come to me with an idea, he would ask me for my input. I would help out on set even when I wasn’t shooting. I had the opportunity to be in front of the camera and behind the scenes. I got to experience a lot more than most actors get, so I was fortunate to work side by side with my brother.

Do I understand correctly that it was your brother who introduced you to comic books and cosplay?

Yes! Todd was cosplaying before cosplay was called cosplay. I was brought up a DC Comics fan and I would alternate from Wonder Woman to Batgirl until I became Wonder Woman. Todd made super hero Barbie dolls and t-shirts for me before those were even an option. My favorites to cosplay are Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Black Widow, and Elvira.

So what made you pick out Wonder Woman as your character?

Wonder Woman symbolizes strength! A strong woman inside and out. I grew up reading her comics. I’ve admired her from the day I was born. I now have her symbol tattooed on my back.

Would it be fair to assume then that you would jump at the chance to star as Wonder Woman in a film should it be possible?

Absolutely! I mean, I wouldn’t say no, that is a role of a lifetime! Gal Gadot is living the life!

Do you find that there are any ‘transferrable skills’ for lack of a better phrase between cosplaying and acting?

Umm, cosplaying and acting are not the same for me. There’s a difference in being an entertainer and being an actor in my eyes. I do live up the character I’m cosplaying, but the effort and training in acting is much more demanding for me. Cosplayng usually doesn’t require a lot of the same efforts as a particular role you are acting in.

Are there any other characters and genres which you would really like to move towards? 

I love dark roles! Whenever I get the chance to do a dark scene, I do it. I love the Single White Female kind of crazy. And I have done my own take on Alileen in Monster and Natalie from Momento. I would love to show my range in a darker role.

ashleyAnd what else do you have coming up which we should be keeping our eyes open for?

I am currently working alongside my brother on our next horror feature, Death Ward 13. It is a reimagining of the 70’s cult classic, Don’t Look In The Basement. I can’t reveal my role in this film just yet, but I can say that I am the model on the poster. I am very excited to be working with Todd again. I am also looking forward to working with director, Nicholas Hunt on his horror feature, Safe Place. I can’t give away too many details about my character at the moment. I will be playing a kick ass role, so watch out!

Thanks again for speaking with us today Ashley!

Thank you so much for the wonderful interview. It was a pleasure.

You can now buy and rent All Through The House from Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and all major VOD platforms. You can also find more about Ashley’s projects by searching All Through The House, Death Ward 13, and Safe Place on IMDb and like and follow the social media accounts for updates.

You can find her on:
Instagram: @girl1der2002
Twitter: @girl1der
Facebook: AshleyMaryNunes
Snapchat: girl1der2002

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