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Joy of Man’s Desiring – New Release Review

We take a look at Côté’s film as it’s released in the UK for the first time… Every now and then throughout Denis Côté’s soul-crushing docudrama about life as a cog in the blue collar industry you feel a breeze blowing through the various open doors, carrying with it whiffs of tragedy. Life is draining […]

Goodnight Mommy – New Release Review

We love this dark and psychological horror…. The cumulative effect of the brutal Austrian-produced Goodnight Mommy tends to linger like a hangover, but an acceptable hangover, if there were such a thing. Few modern horrors can say they resonate in this way, in the latent way this thriller-horror hybrid seems to matter after it has […]

Death in the Desert – New Release Review

Tom Little reviews this disappointing true-crime thriller… Death in the Desert is yet another film about the failure that is Las Vegas, not as a city or an institution, but as a place to start relationships. What at first seems like a metaphorical title for a way of life perpetually disregarded as ‘rock bottom’ turns into an apt […]

The House on Pine Street – New Release Review

 We take a look at this new chilling horror… The House on Pine Street is a well-crafted haunted house indie that, while possessing many classic genre traits, overindulges in the familiar to create an experience that frustrates more than it unsettles. Borrowing the psychological fray of The Shining‘s Jack Torrance and instilling the heightened sense […]

Exclusive Interview: Gerard Lough Talks Night People

Today we sit down with writer and director Gerard Lough in order to have a chat about his debut feature film Night People. Following on from our review of the film when it hit Irish cinemas on the 13th (here) we thought it would be a good idea to have a chat with Gerard and find […]

Night People – New Release Review

Tom Little takes a look at this new Sci-Fi as it opens in Irish cinemas today… Beautiful, haunting imagery and a few interesting ideas don’t quite coalesce to form a compelling whole in Night People, the feature film debut of Irish director Gerard Lough. Premiering at the HorrorThon Film Festival at the Irish Film Institute in […]

Some Kind of Hate – New Release Review

This Halloween we take a look at Some Kind of Hate… Adam Egypt Mortimer takes a stand against bullying in his feature film debut. The irony is he bullies viewers into sharing in his frustration using a relentlessly clichéd, propagandistic approach to make anyone watching feel really, really bad. Someone has to do the job of course, […]

Windsor Drive – New Release Review

We take a look at this new thriller by Natalie Bible… While there are some momentary glimpses of inventive horror film-making, there’s little doubt the short format would have served Windsor Drive‘s purposes better and that’s the only thing that’s clear after sitting once through. Obscured by an overwhelming number of confusing and convoluted scene changes and music […]

Exclusive Interview: Jennifer Laporte Talks Clinger

Today we are excited to welcome actress Jennifer Laporte to the site to chat about her leading role in the new horror comedy Clinger! In the interview below we find out what drew her to the project, how her theatre background has helped her prepare for film roles and much more! Read on for our […]

Clinger – New Release Review

Clinger tells a story about an obsessive young man who, after losing his life in embarrassing fashion, comes back to haunt his girlfriend by insisting that the two were destined to be together forever. And ever. Intended to be a fresh entry into the rapidly expanding subgenre of horror-comedy, the film is decidedly more of a […]