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Exclusive Interview: Emilia Ares Zoryan Talks The Dark Tapes

Today we welcome actress Emilia Ares Zoryan to the site in order to discuss her latest movie: The Dark Tapes. In this horror anthology Emilia leads one chapter as a cam girl who may be involved in more than what first meets the eye…. Read on for our interview: Hi Emilia, many thanks for taking out some […]

A Brief Encounter with Alison Arboux

Alison Arboux Actress/Model Why acting? This happened to me by accident. One of my favourite quotes by Paul Éluard is: “Il n’y a pas de Hasard, que des rendez-vous.” In English I would say: “There are no such things as happenstance, there is but what you are bound to meet.” Anyway, by this time, I […]

A Brief Encounter with Lauren Ashley Carter

Lauren Carter Actress/Producer Why acting? I was about 5 or 6 when I decided I wanted to be a plastic surgeon because my mom wanted bigger tits. She always said, “Lauren, if you become a plastic surgeon, then mommy can have bigger boobs! And a face lift!” So I decided I would be a plastic […]

Exclusive Interview: Kim Farrant Talks Strangerland

Today we are pleased to welcome director Kim Farrant to the site in order to talk about Strangerland – her new thriller about a family whose kids disappear into the Australian desert starring Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving and Joseph Fiennes. Read on to find out how Kim spent twelve years  getting the film made, the […]

A Brief Encounter with John Maclean

John Maclean Director/Writer Why directing? Why not…! Erm… these days I think why writing, or why tell stories, or why tell this particular story…. Directing to me is just working out the best way to tell the story you want to tell. How did you make you first break into the industry? Meeting Conor, Michael Fassbender’s […]

Exclusive Interview: Ashley Park Talks Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter

Today we welcome up-and-coming actress Ashley Park to the site in order to talk about her new movie Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter. On top of acting Ashley has years of experience as a competitive athlete behind her, she was Miss Korea USA (2014-2015) and is currently Miss Asia USA (2015-2016). Read on to learn about who she will […]

Exclusive Interview: Christine Bottomley Talks In The Club: Series 2

Today we are joined by Christine Bottomley in order to learn a little more about her role in the hit TV show In The Club, the second season of which has just arrived on DVD. Read on to find out how Christine prepared for the tricky situations she faces in the series, about her desire to see more female lead shows […]

Exclusive Interview: Neil Armfield Talks Holding The Man

Today we are very pleased to welcome Neil Armfield to the site in order to talk about his latest feature Holding the Man. We can wholeheartedly recommend that you go and see this ‘vital contribution to Australian queer cinema’ film¹ as soon as you can, but if our word isn’t enough to convince you, then take a pew […]

Exclusive Interview: Joanna Ignaczewska Talks The Scopia Effect!

Today we are excited to welcome Joanna Ignaczewska to the site in order to talk about her starring role in The Scopia Effect. We found the film to be an ‘audacious’ and ‘refreshingly curious’¹ piece of moviemaking and so it proved very interesting to hear from Joanna; learning how she approached the role’s complexities, her avoidance of research when […]

Exclusive Interview: Grant Gee Talks Innocence of Memories

We’ve taken a few minutes out to speak with director Grant Gee about his ‘cine-essay’ Innocence of Memories as it hits UK DVD shelves today. Read on to find out what inspired the film, the thought which went into its product and much more…. Would you like to give our readers some background on the […]