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Flight 462 has Landed in the UK – Fear the Walking Dead News

Eight episodes of the short film series are now available… Fear The Walking Dead may not be back on our screens just yet but the teased series of short films set on the doomed Flight 462 has just been released. Over the course of 16 episodes Flight 462 tells the story of a group of people on board […]

Game of Thrones Releases Season 6 Images

As April the 24th inches ever closer we’ve been given 24 brand new stills… This is all very exciting! HBO have granted all of us a host of brand new Game of Thrones stills which frankly give us an awful lot to ponder over the next couple of months. It should be obvious but a […]

Fear The Walking Dead – Releases Season 2 Clips

Yesterday we announced that Fear the Walking Dead had finally given a little more to its fans and released its first teaser trailer for its second season. Today though they have gone all out and provided us all with a series of clips from the upcoming show ahead of its arrival on 11th April… There is a […]

Fear The Walking Dead -Season 2 Teaser Trailer

Here’s what every Fear the Walking Dead fan has been waiting for. Until now we haven’t had a whole lot to go on about the second series in the popular spin-off show except for the image above. Now though we have the first teaser trailer for the series which will be reaching us on 11th April. […]

The Forest Receives New Poster

Natalie Dormer’s spooky forest trip receives a brand new poster… Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer leads this new supernatural horror set in the Aokigahara Forest (aka The Suicide Forest). Ahead of it’s cinematic release on the 26th The Forest has received a brand new poster with a tagline simply warning us to stay on the path. And when you […]

Julieta Trailer: Pedro Almodovar is Back!

Almodovar has cinephiles excited with his 20th feature film… Today Warner Brothers and Pedro Almodovar bring us an eagerly awaited trailer for the legendary film-makers next film, Julieta. Originally known as Silencio (the name was changed so as to avoid confusion with Scorsese’s upcoming Silence) Julieta looks set to bring us back to that which we love most in Almodovar’s repertoire – […]

Nina Forever Receives Brand New Poster

This inventive future cult classic gets a new poster ahead of DVD & Blu-Ray release… We loved Nina Forever when we first saw it last year, in fact it was one of our strongest recommendations from the entire FrightFest 2015¹ line up. Now the inventive and gruesome story of a new couple being haunted by the ghost of the […]

Suicide Sqaud Trailer: Insanity has never been so fun…

The latest Suicide Squad trailer has burst onto our screens… All film marketing departments should learn by example from those who have been running Suicide Squad‘s promotional campaign. When this film was initially announced we could barely conjure up enough energy to shrug, however little by little that opinion has been changing. Whilst the jury is still out on whether […]

Green Room Teaser Trailer: Patrick Stewart Seeks Bloody Violence

Stewart stars in this violent thriller, and he is out for blood… Today Picturehouse and Altitude bring us the new teaser trailer and poster for one of Rumsey’s most keenly anticipated films of 2016. Green Room is the follow up film from Jeremy Saulnier, who previously directed the superb thriller Blue Ruin back in 2013. It seems he is set on […]

BAFTA Nominations

The BAFTA 2016 nominations are in! Today the British Academy of Film and Television Arts have unveiled their nomination list and Carol and Bridge of Spies are leading the pack with nine nominations each. We’re pretty pleased overall with the selection BAFTA have made here, alongside recognising Carol (which we loved) they’ve nominated the excellent Mad Max: Fury Road in seven different […]