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Exclusive Interview: Hayley Squires Talks Blood Cells

Today we welcome Hayley Squires to the site as the last but not least in a string of Blood Cells interviews. Hayley is an actor and playwright who is here to lend her thoughts on playing the primary supporting character in this new hard-hitting British road movie. Read on for our interview… Could you initially describe the […]

Exclusive Interview: Robert Davi Talks Awaken…

Today we are excited to welcome actor, director and musician Robert Davi to the site to talk about his new role in the film Awaken. You will undoubtedly recognise Robert from numerous roles in his career such as the Bond villain in Licence to Kill, one of the scheming brothers in The Goonies, and of course FBI Special […]

Exclusive Interview: Barry Ward Talks Blood Cells…

Today we are joined by actor Barry Ward who you may well recognise from when he starred in Ken Loach’s Jimmy’s Hall. He is here to talk about his latest film Blood Cells. We talk about many things including how he views the film’s poltical elements, how he approached the role and what he would particularly like […]

New Feature: Who’s That?

Due to the success of my Who’s that in Mr Rumsey’s Header? quiz last month I have decided to introduce a new feature to this blog! From now on at the beginning of every month a new silhouette of a character/actor will appear on the far left-hand side of my header up above. What you […]

Which actor plays the best James Bond?

So I’m starting out this Bond week with the big one, the article that just has to be written when talking about 007, and the one that every fan inevitably has strong opinions about; who makes the best James Bond? This post marks the start of a week where my blog will become almost entirely […]