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Exclusive Interview: Tom Woodruff, Jr. talks Fire City: End of Days!

Today we are very happy to be able to say that we have Tom Woodruff , Jr. in to talk to us about his new project Fire City: End of Days. Tom has worked in special effects, makeup and acting on some of the most beloved films out there including Terminator, Cast Away, Jumanji and of course the Alien films […]

Under the Skin- Review (Spoiler Free)

Rarely does a film offer an ‘experience’ as immersive and compelling as this… Scarlett Johansson stars in this tale of an extraterrestrial who straps on a man suit and prowls around Glasglow in its transit van looking for men to seduce and consume. Now that is as good an introduction to the plot as any, however it […]

Alien Sequel: Blomkamp Announces Official Sequel

We’re going to get a new Alien film by District 9‘s Blomkamp himself… So it seems that the foray of excitement amongst Alien fans last month when Blomkamp released concept art for a unofficial Alien project (here) has paid off in spades. On the 18th the director posted a new picture on Instagram (below) accompanied by the […]

Neill Blomkamp (District 9) Reveals Secret Aliens Sequel Art!

District 9 director gives his vision for the Alien series… Since last night every Alien and Aliens fan has started to imagine what an Alien film might be like in the hands of District 9‘s Neill Blomkamp. The director posted a collection of concept art for a film which he clearly was interested in making, […]

Alien Review (Sci-fi Movie Week) [Review by Mr. Rumsey]

Originally posted on The Bishop Review:
He’s baaaack! Mr. Rumsey was kind enough to return and provide yet another epic review, this time of the classic sci-fi film, Alien. If you haven’t checked out Mr. Rumsey’s film related Musings, and all the cool posts that he writes, head on over after reading this. You won’t…

My Movie Alphabet

Mettel Ray Movie Blog is currently running this blogathon and I thought that I would contribute my movie alphabet. Please check out her blog here, and read some of the other contributions here. I hope that you enjoy my choices! # – 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days This film really impacted upon me, […]

Results – The best Alien film is… Alien!

Fantastic! I was hoping that this one would win. Whilst I love Aliens, the original is just such a perfect film – everything from the cast to the visual effects is fantastic, and the atmosphere evoked is incredibly well handled. It’s quite possibly my all time favourite film –  certainly it’s up there with the […]

Prometheus – Review (Spoiler Free)

Prometheus is not one film, but two. One of these films delves into philosophical questions regarding the driving need to find our origins, whether through religion, science or both. The other is essentially an Alien film, albeit one without any of the traditional Xenomorphs (the iconic aliens from the series). Unfortunately these two films never […]