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Audition – Blu-Ray Re-Release Review

Takashi Miike’s legendary horror film Audition is rereleased today (29th February) on DVD, Blu-Ray and in a rather lovely limited edition dual format steelbook edition courtesy of Arrow Video. It’s the release fans of the film have long been deserving of and Arrow pulled out the stops to make sure that┬ánobody is disappointed in this […]

Breaking Emotions: Fear

Excitingly Mettel Ray has started up her second blogathon after the great success of her ‘My Movie Alphabet’ one last year (check out my entry here). This time around she has one called ‘Breaking Emotions’ where we are given an emotion (or two) and we have to respond with scenes that cause us to experience […]

Audition – Review (Spoiler Free)

It is perhaps difficult to decide as to whether this film presents its particularly disturbing and violent images for shock value, or for more ‘artistic’ reasons, and I happen to believe that it is doing a lot more than simply trying to scare its audience, but whatever its intent it utterly succeeds at creating an […]