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Exclusive Interview with Lea Thompson!

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great celebration last night. Today to see the new year in we have Lea Thompson here to talk a little about her film The Trouble With The Truth, the legacy of Back to the Future and much, much more! Read on for our chat… […]

Back to the Future Review – The Time Machine Blogathon

YAM magazine are travelling back in time to the 90’s in the first edition of their new feature, The Time Machine Blogathon! What’s that? How can I be writing a review of Back to the Future, a classic eighties movie, for a 90’s themed blogathon? Well the great thing about this is that they are […]

Results – The best Back to the Future film is…

So, it turns out that you guys voted the first as the best of the Back to the Future trilogy. I wasn’t surprised that the third was an unpopular choice – no votes whatsoever was a little unexpected but fair enough, it’s not anywhere near the level of the other two. I was rooting for […]