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Exclusive Interview: Powell Robinson & Patrick Robert Young Talk Bastard…

Today we have directors Powell Robinson (left) and Patrick Robert Young (right) in to talk about their first feature film Bastard. You may recognise the title of their horror film as I’ve previously sat down with stars Rebekah Kennedy (here) and Tonya Kay (here) to talk about their roles in the film. Robinson and Young […]

Exclusive Interview: Tonya Kay Talks Bastard!

Today I welcome the talented Tonya Kay to the site to talk about the new horror film Bastard. Now Tonya (aka The Most Dangerous Woman in Hollywood) can do a little of pretty much everything from acting, writing, stunts, burlesque dancing, knife throwing… the list goes on. So her and I will be chatting today […]

Exclusive Interview: Rebekah Kennedy Talks Bastard…

Today we have actress Rebekah Kennedy in to have a chat about her new horror film called Bastard. You may recognise Rebekah from Season of the Witch where she acted opposite Nicolas Cage as the peasant Turk girl who has an unfortunate run in with Cage’s character. Since then she has been in a number of independent […]