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The Worst to Best James Bond Films

I have to admit that composing this list was a lot of fun, it is however the last post in my Bond week series as Skyfall has now been released in the UK! Thanks to everyone who read through these posts, the one last Bond related post that I’ll be writing is a Skyfall review […]

Results – The best Bond film is… Casino Royale!

Well I can’t say I blame you guys for voting Casino Royale as the best of all the Bond films, it certainly is a fantastic entry. I was however completely shocked by the sheer number of votes that it received, it seemed that every time the poll updated it was yet another vote for this […]

Die Another Day – Reviewing the previous Bond anniversary celebration (Spoiler Warning)

Die Another Day starts out with one hell of a gutsy a move – Bond being captured, and then tortured and imprisoned for fourteen months was an extremely brave decision to make, and it really works for me. It’s a shame though that the filmmakers couldn’t have run with this idea and have tapped into […]

The Top Five Bond Villains

Today I’ll be ranking the top five Bond villains from throughout the 22 official films. Obviously there were a large amount of possible candidates but I’m confident in my list. Check it out: 5. Jaws (Richard Kiel) – A large number of blogs that I’ve read place Jaws at the top of their lists, or […]

The Top Five Bond Girls

Today I’ll be ranking who, in my opinion, are the top five Bond girls from across the 22 official films. In order to make things a little easier for myself I’ve only included the women who are Bond’s allies, it’s a fairly common way of interrupting the term ‘Bond Girl’ anyway, and it will stop […]

The Top Ten James Bond Pre-Title Sequences

Today I thought that I would go through all twenty one Bond films that feature a pre-title sequence, and then choose my top ten. There were some tough decisions to make but after a long while thinking them over, here is my list of the absolute best James Bond opening sequences: 10. Die Another Day […]

Tomorrow Never Dies – Guest Review by Christian Robshaw (Spoiler Warning)

Many thanks to my good friend Christian Robshaw for submitting this review. Please also check out his page Mediocre Batman, and read on for his great review. The first thing I wish to do with this review is to address a grievance of mine in regards to this film’s reputation: it’s not a bad film. […]