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Carlito’s Way – Review (Spoiler Free)

This post is part of Head in a Vice‘s ‘Recommended By’ blogathon. The idea here is pretty simple, you know that one movie that you’ve been recommended over and over and yet never seem to get around to watching? Well this blogathon makes you actually get on and finally check it out. I chose Carlito’s […]

Tarantino’s 50th – Carrie (Written by Armando dela Cruz)

Next up in this celebration of Tarantino’s 50th birthday is a review of one of his favourite films – ‘Carrie’.  Many thanks to Armando for contributing this post!  Please take the time to check out his great blog here. ‘Carrie’, directed by Brian DePalma, is one of his favorites. I know. One will think: Oh, I […]