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Tarantino’s 50th – Discussing Why Tarantino Likes Unbreakable (Written by Mettel Ray)

And now Mettel from Mettel Ray Movie Blog brings you a great post on Tarantino and one of his favourite films – Unbreakable. As always, this is a great work from her so be sure to read on, and if you don’t already know her site, head on over there after! A big thank you […]

Looper – Review (Spoiler Free)

Whilst it’s not the masterpiece that many have described it as, Looper is still one of the most entertaining and stylish sci-fi films to have come out in recent years. Its opening first act had me completely engrossed; it’s slick, intelligent, and the cinematography looks great. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a Looper named Joe, his job […]

The Top Ten Films for the Rest of 2012 (Entries 5-1)

5. Skyfall Being released during Bond’s 50th Anniversary only increases the heavy pressure on Skyfall to perform, not just well, but excellently. Despite its rather poor title, Skyfall does look rather promising; it can’t be a bad thing that Dame Judi Dench will be getting considerably more screen time, due to the plot being wrapped […]