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Exclusive Interview: Uwe Boll Talks Rampage 3!

Today Mr Rumsey contributor Christian Robshaw takes some time away from his site Mediocre Batman in order to interview the controversial director Uwe Boll about his latest project, Rampage 3! Uwe Boll’s latest project is the finale to his Rampage trilogy and he needs your help to raise the cash on Kickstarter in order to make it happen. I’ll […]

Mad Max: Fury Road – Review by Christian Robshaw (Spoiler Free)

Christian Robshaw takes a look at the latest Mad Max instalment… After a thirty-year gap since the last Mad Max film, the original director and co-writer for the whole series, George Miller, returns with a new instalment that is possibly-a-sequel, maybe-a-reboot; in the tradition of cheap, over-the-top trilogies like Leone’s Dollars, Romero’s Dead or Sam […]

Tarantino’s 50th – Reservoir Dogs (Written by Christian Robshaw)

The first review in today’s celebration of Tarantino’s 50th birthday is the somewhat controversial review of Reservoir Dogs provided by my good friend Christian Robshaw. Many thanks to him for contributing this post! Please stop by his sites Writers in a Single Sentence and Mediocre Batman. They are both worth checking out! It’s astonishing, on […]