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Ran – Brand New Poster and Trailer for 4K Restoration

Ran is back in cinemas this April with a brand new 4K restoration… Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece Ran is heading back onto the big screen this April (1st April). Courtesy of Studio Canal/Independent Cinema Office (ICO) we are going to be treated to a beautifully spruced up 4K restoration and it arrives just in time to celebrate both the 30th […]

Steamboat Bill Jr. – Review

We revisit this beloved comedy as it is re-released across UK cinemas… Two steamers, of unequal dignity, In Muddy Waters where we lay our scene… …is how Steamboat Bill Jr. might have begun, but despite its lifted plot it opts not to make any explicit Shakespearean connections. It isn’t much of a wordy picture anyway. Instead, […]

Frankenstein, National Theatre Live – Review (Spoiler Free)

Cumberbatch is outstanding as Frankenstein’s Monster, in a production that’s vivid and daring. I’ve thought of Benedict Cumberbatch as being a very talented actor for a number of years, and so I had high hopes when I went in to see him in this production last week, but I wasn’t expecting to be quite so impressed by […]