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Exclusive Interview: Holly Hargreaves Talks Real Tinder Convos

Today we welcome, actress, writer and director Holly Hargreaves to the site in order to talk about a couple of her webisodes (Real Tinder Convos and For Actors) Firstly could you tell our readers a little bit about your webseries Real Tinder Convos? Sure. It’s a comedy webseries exploring how awkward it would be if tinder […]

Oliver, Stoned – Review (Spoiler Free)

Good intentions cannot save a lacklustre comedy, no matter how hard everyone tries… Oliver, Stoned is a stoner comedy, no great surprises there given its title. It follows a typical stoner man child character (Seth Cassell) who spends all day getting high and avoiding his responsibilities. He is failing at work, he and his father’s relationship is […]

Exclusive Interview: Desiree Akhavan talks Appropriate Behaviour…

Today we are very pleased to welcome actress, director and writer Desiree Akhavan to the site in order to talk about her huge success Appropriate Behaviour. For those of you who don’t know the story focuses on Shirin as she ‘struggles to become an ideal Persian daughter, a politically correct bisexual, and a hip young woman […]

Spy – Review (Spoiler Free)

A surprisingly funny if unsubtle spy caper that delivers plenty of laughs and violent action… I went into this one full of trepidation. We have seen many spy comedies before and the vast majority are unimaginative slapstick duds. On top of that I’m not really a fan of the gross out/foul-mouthed humour which McCarthy and […]

Sexmission – Review (Spoiler Free)

Farce, politics and gender dynamics are blended together in this Polish classic… SeksMisja is arguably most famous for somehow escaping the censors during Communist rule in Poland, and even with a very limited knowledge of the period, it’s easy to appreciate how impressive a feat that is. There is enough commentary on communism and totalitarianism […]

This Means War – Review (Spoiler Free)

Even Tom Hardy, playing a suave, cool secret agent, can’t save this one from being a dud. This Means War could have been a passable rom-com action movie; it had a solid cast and a somewhat stupid, but entertaining enough premise:  that two CIA agents use their skills and access to government resources in order […]

Zombieland: The Series – Pilot Review (Spoiler Free)

So, after being intrigued about Zombieland as a TV series for quite some time now, it felt good to finally get around to watching the pilot. Unfortunately, it went ahead and  killed any enthusiasm that I had for this series. We are back with the same characters from the film; Tallahassee, Columbus,  Wichita, and Little […]

Zombieland – Review (Spoiler Free)

The zombie apocalypse has taken place. Most of humanity now shuffles around trying to eat flesh whilst moaning a lot. The few survivors have only lived this long due to either having brains or brawn, or in Columbus’s (Jesse Eisenberg) case, it’s by strictly following a set of self-determined rules.  We are introduced to all […]

Easy A – Review (Spoiler Free)

Emma Stone takes the lead role in this above average high school comedy, and she does so very well. She delivers the humorous and slightly offbeat dialogue naturally, whilst also creating a sympathetic character that charms us early on into the film. It’s very easy to see why Easy A had such a positive impact […]

Dark Shadows – Review (Spoiler Free)

I braced myself for the worst after this film’s almost exclusively negative reviews, and although there were the odd moments that succeeded, overall Dark Shadows was largely a disappointment. Burton appears to have tried to pay homage to the original TV series by featuring a large collection of characters, which isn’t necessarily a bad idea, […]