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La La Land – New Release Review

It’s rare to live a film so completely as one does La La Land… How in the Hell do you follow up a masterpiece like Whiplash? Young go-getter Damien Chazelle made minor waves with his début film, Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench, and engaged in a little bit of script-doctor work to support […]

Whiplash – Review (Spoiler Free)

Whiplash is a direct shot to the heart of pure adrenaline, an electrifying experience… Very few films can actually bottle kinetic and visceral energy and pass it through a projector to an audience unscathed, but Whiplash consistently proves that it can do just that. Seemingly effortlessly we are placed in a position where we feel […]

Whiplash brings thunderous new trailer!

An intense and confident  trailer for Whiplash is causing us all to really sit up and take notice. I’ll admit, until yesterday this upcoming film had slipped under my radar. I don’t quite know how it had as it stars J.K Simmons alongside Miles Teller, and looks to be like it’s something that would interest […]