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Spectre – New Release Review (Spoiler Free)

It has its moments but Spectre is chiefly underwhelming and disappointing… It’s with a truly heavy heart that I have to write these words but Spectre is not the film we all hoped it would be. I was so excited for this new installment, not simply because of how good its predecessor was but also […]

Bond 24 is named SPECTRE – cast and poster revealed!

That title tells us everything we need to know… the ultimate Bond villains are finally back! Whilst the title leaves little to the imagination regarding who our villains are going to be in Bond’s next offering, it does an awful lot in getting every Bond fan’s heart racing. It’s been a long time since we […]

Tom Hardy Being Lined Up To Play James Bond

Originally posted on Confessions of a Nerf Herder:
Daniel Craig is signed up for another two outings as James Bond, but the actor apparently has no interest in returning after that point. So, as ever, here starts the rumours of who could be next to play 007. The first shout is that Tom Hardy is…

Sylvia – Review (Spoiler Free)

Gwyneth Paltrow and Daniel Craig shine in this dark, and oddly tame little film. Sylvia does a reasonable job of cutting through the cultural figure of Sylvia Plath and revealing something of the person underneath. It never really manages to create a fully fleshed out portrait of the poet though, despite Paltrow’s best efforts, because […]

Skyfall – Review (Spoiler Free)

So the rumours really are true; James Bond is back on superb form. Skyfall really comes across like a Bond film of old; it has a classic feel to it that’s really endearing, and yet it still feels strikingly fresh and original. The cast is excellent; with Daniel Craig being at his best yet, Javier […]

The Worst to Best James Bond Films

I have to admit that composing this list was a lot of fun, it is however the last post in my Bond week series as Skyfall has now been released in the UK! Thanks to everyone who read through these posts, the one last Bond related post that I’ll be writing is a Skyfall review […]

The Top Ten James Bond Pre-Title Sequences

Today I thought that I would go through all twenty one Bond films that feature a pre-title sequence, and then choose my top ten. There were some tough decisions to make but after a long while thinking them over, here is my list of the absolute best James Bond opening sequences: 10. Die Another Day […]

Which actor plays the best James Bond?

So I’m starting out this Bond week with the big one, the article that just has to be written when talking about 007, and the one that every fan inevitably has strong opinions about; who makes the best James Bond? This post marks the start of a week where my blog will become almost entirely […]

A Few Thoughts on Skyfall, and a Heads Up on Future Posts

With Skyfall’s release rapidly approaching (it’s only a fortnight away now) I have finally been bitten by the Bond bug, and have moved from simply looking forward to it, to experiencing full blown excitement. Adele’s Skyfall track (below) has won me over, although it took a few listens, and to me the trailer indicates that […]

The Best Introduction to Bond Films

Very recently I asked myself this hypothetical question; which film would I use to introduce Bond to a newcomer? Having thought about it I realised that you would need multiple films to really do the franchise justice, five in fact. And so here are those five, arranged in the order that I would show them. […]