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Chasing Ghosts – Review (Spoiler Free)

Child actor Toby Nichols impresses in this tender if occasionally schmaltzy look at grief… Chasing Ghosts tells the story of Lucas Simons (Toby Nichols) who, after the tragic death of his older brother, has become secluded and cut off from life and other children. As a film fan Lucas has begun using his video camera […]

Sea Without Shore – Review (Spoiler Free)

Agonisingly raw in its depiction of lost love, this dance film casts an intoxicating spell… It’s rare to find a film that so uncompromisingly refuses to tame its wilder side in order to pander to the masses. This isn’t for everyone. Not simply because it’s a dance film but because there is no real dialogue […]

Aftermath (Akibet) – Review (Spoiler Free)

Aftermath takes on far more than it can chew in its seven minute running time… There is nothing wrong with this short’s approach to its subject matter. Aftermath details how two siblings deal with the death of their parents through the use of restrained storytelling and by focusing on the emotions contained within movement and […]

Short Film Mondays – Malaria by Edson Oda

I don’t know if any of you remember this feature? Basically I feel that short films are all too often dismissed as being inferior to their bigger brothers (features) and that they really should get more attention from us bloggers. Therefore I will be promoting a short film every week for those who are interested […]

The Misfits – 1001 Overlooked Movies

This post is a part of The Movie Waffler’s 1001 Overlooked Movies (You Should See Before You Die) series which you can check out here. Deconstructing the Western genre and the remnants of the American Dream, The Misfits’ script penned by Arthur Miller is ambitious and moving, even whilst a touch pretentious at times, and […]